Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lebron James & Dwight Howard vs. Dwyane Wade & Kobe Bryant

Lately I've been paying a lot of attention to NBA stars, in hopes it will teach me something about business.  Example, think about Lebron James and Dwight Howard vs. Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant.  I imagine some may have some immediate emotional reactions.  Aside from how you think the duos would fair in a 2 on 2 vs. each other, I think this comparison is intriguing.

Lebron James and Dwight Howard are both great players and future Hall of Famers.  Both were great high school players, skipped college to go to the NBA and as far as I can tell have never had an average season at any level.  Oh did I forget to mention, neither have won an NBA championship, both are on record demanding a trade from an NBA team and both have been criticized publicly for not caring at times or not giving 100% during NBA games.

Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant are both great players and future Hall of Famers as well.  Wade wasn't really a star in high school until his senior year and only got recruited by Illinois State, DePaul and Marquette.  Bryant on the other hand was a star in high school, but his early NBA career consisted of coming off the bench behind Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel.  He also wasn't really a superstar until his 5th NBA season.  Both have NBA championships and are known for being clutch with everything on the line.  Also, neither have been criticized for their work ethic or not going all out on any given night.

OK, so who would you prefer on your team and who would you like to take the last shot with everything on the line?  Check out this video while D-Wade makes my point for me...

It seems that going through adversity and failing at some point before becoming a star has some significance in this conversation.  Lesson for HR and business, during resume screening and interviews don't just immediately disregard candidates who were terminated or struggled early in their career.  Look at what they did afterwards and how they bounced back.  This might solve your entitlement problem with your superstars.


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