Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Peyton Manning Who We Thought He Was? Part II

In a counter intuitive move, the Miami Dolphins trade Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for almost nothing considering he's a Pro Bowler.  As a Chicago Bears fan, I'm stoked, but as a mature writer I have to take this opportunity to tell you I told you so.

On Sunday I wrote an article, "Is Peyton Manning Who We Thought He Was", about how character and culture matter for Peyton Manning with regards to his decision as to where he will spend the rest of his career.  All of sudden everyone is predicting that the Dolphins traded Marshall because of Manning's concern with his character.  So in an effort not to state the obvious and be a trendsetter again, here's another groundbreaking prediction.  Peyton Manning still will not play for the Miami Dolphins.

As I stated in my article, character matters to Peyton Manning, but so does culture.  The culture of an organization is slowly developed and ingrained in the DNA of organizations.  It's not easy to change a culture and the little things speak volumes about what kind of culture you have. 

Although the Miami Dolphins' release of Brandon Marshall may be signals to Peyton Manning that character matters and they're trying to change their culture, it may already be too late.  Peyton Manning already met with the Dolphins today.  This move, though courageous, may be too little too late.  As I mentioned earlier culture is slowly developed and difficult to change.  This may be a desperate maneuver to attempt to show Peyton that things have changed.  Or it may be a genuine decision by the organization to do things differently and clean up the organization.  Either way, it means that the Miami Dolphins currently have no culture and will be redefining their culture in the next couple of seasons.  No disrespect to Miami, but I don't think Peyton has time for this.  He's already redefined cultures in college and the NFL.
On another note, most think that the Denver Broncos are the favorites because John Elway, Hall of Fame quarterback, is the GM and the Broncos had the most successful 2011 season out of all the teams considered.  The problem with the Broncos is that it appears they were willing to trade/release Tim Tebow, the person who was most responsible for their success, after acquiring Peyton Manning.  That doesn't bode well for an organization's character and culture.

In business and in sports timing is everything.  In human resources timing is the only thing.  HR professionals own and are held accountable for organizations' cultures.  As an HR professional it seems to me that Peyton Manning is evaluating the culture of the organizations he is considering.  In accounting and finance cost and expenses can be cut and manipulated to make the balance sheet look right.  When it comes to culture, it speaks to an organization's reputation, it's ability to keep promises, execute and deliver on its goals and objectives over time.  In other words, it can't be manipulated after the fact.  You either met your investors', customers, consumers', fans' or employees' expectations or you didn't. 

So did the Miami Dolphins meet Peyton Manning's expectations?  We'll just have to see if Peyton Manning is who we thought he was?

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