Saturday, March 17, 2012

Are The Chicago Bears Getting a Better Brandon Marshall?

Before we get started let me disclose that I am a serious Chicago Bears fan.  With that being said, the Chicago Bears acquired Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins last week.  For those of you who don't know Brandon Marshall has had some off the field issues, and I was probably the first writer on the Internet to predict that Peyton Manning would not likely play for the Miami Dolphins due to character concerns around Brandon Marshall.  Now, I can't prove that this was why Peyton Manning chose to pass on the Miami Dolphins' offer, but on the day the Dolphins met with Manning, Marshall was traded to the Bears.  Aside from that I'm still very excited about this trade.

I always stress that in business and in sports you have to put problems in perspective.  You can't immediately disregard someone because they struggled at times in their career.  In fact, I've read alot about extremely successful individuals, and the common experience that they have is failure at some point in their career.  Read about Dywane Wade and Kobe Bryant.  Many times true greatness is a result of the resilience and lessons learned from those experiences.

To put Brandon Marshall's issues in perspective, I don't know that any accusations of domestic violence or non-domestic abuse and altercations, even the current night club incident, have ever been substantiated.  He's admitted that he's received treatment for a medical condition and always seems to be honest about admitting his mistakes and confronting his issues.  In addition, although at times he's come off as being disagreeable or aggressive either on the field or during press conferences, I've never heard him make a selfish comment.  He's never thrown his teammates under the bus and does not have the high maintenance reputation of a Randy Moss or Terrell Owens.  I believe Brandon Marshall has matured and will be a wonderful addition to the Chicago Bears.  Recently he was interviewed on the NFL Network and had this to say about playing in Chicago:

"Honestly I think my career is going to go to another level. You know I think that I'm entering my prime. As far as numbers wise, I'm really not worried about it and honestly they may go down.  And the reason why I say that is because of the intangibles a good receiver brings that we don't talk about.  When you have good receiver you have to put a guy over the top which equals bigger lanes for a Matt Forte which equals bigger seems for a Earl (Bennett) or Devin (Hester).  You even have to lean coverage his way.  So I'm excited to see how the guys around me are going to prosper from this trade.  You know, to see how their careers are going to take off.  I'm expecting big things from our offense from the standpoint that now teams really have to play us honest. You know the sky is the limit."

Wow!  That might be one of the best answers I've ever heard to a question.  He definitely understands, or appears to understand the "team" aspect of his presence and what that could realistically mean for his teammates.  As for mentally, I think he gets it, and I think he's on the right track.  The physical skills are undisputed.  Good luck to Brandon Marshall and the Chicago Bears next year.

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  1. I believe Brandon Marshall has matured and will be a wonderful addition to the Chicago Bears.Agreed


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