Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tim Tebow: What's the Secret?

Full disclosure, my belief in Tim Tebow has nothing to do with his faith. Although I'm a Christian, there's another reason why I'm all in on this cinderella story.

Every NFL analyst overuses the phrase "the NFL has become a quarterback driven league". This statement slightly bothers me because it over emphasizes one position in a sport that empitomizes the word "team". But it's hard to deny the fact a great QB does more to increase your chance of winning than any other position. As this belief has run wild in the NFL, with quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees being examples of the impact of a great QB, Tim Tebow makes us think differently about the skills that are required to be a great quarterback.

How often do we hear analyst talk about the importance of "intangibles"? But one might assume that this is all lip service when you hear those same analyst discussing Tim Tebow and his lack of mechanics. Tim Tebow has three critical elements that has allowed him to have success; leadership, toughness and limited mistakes.

Who cares if you miss a throw 3 feet short of the receiver, if you don't throw interceptions? Who cares if run a read option in the NFL, if you can command the respect of NFL veterans? And who cares if can't squeeze a pass into tight coverage if your team believes in you to make game winning plays and you have yet to prove them wrong.

Tim Tebow has all the intangibles, which has given his team confidence and elevated their play in all phases of the game. I'd take that any day over what shows on the stat sheets.

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